How We Fit The Words Packing and Relaxing Together in One Bag

We asked Lisa Jacobs, professional organizer, interior designer and owner of New York based company Imagine It Done, what she can’t fly without.  Let’s just say, that Lisa made packing her Carrie-on so easy and simple that it was completely stress free.  In fact, it was actually a bit therapeutic to watch.  She took the time to organize everything and make sure each item had its own ‘spot,’ rather than tossing crap into large Neverfull (or back-pack these days) and hoping you didn’t miss anything.

Been there before? Me too 😉

Airlines Allow One Carrie-On Bag But Lisa Gets By With Multiple

How? By using bags inside bags! She uses several plastic or mesh zip bags which each serve a different and unique purpose.  The small clear TSA bag depicted to the right is used for liquids and creams, while the blue and white striped bag is where she stores money, glasses, tissues, keys, passport, meds, etc.  Lisa then uses the black mesh nylon case from Lands End for chargers and adapters.Packing-Tips-Imagine-It-Done

More bags. PS-they are your new best friend when packing. The small black leather bag by Russell Hazel is used for receipts and business cards, the silver mesh case by Walker is for cosmetics, the red satin bag by Anya Hindmarch is used for jewelry, and finally the large plastic zip folder from the Container Store is used to hold magazines and tear sheets.

You get the idea…organize, organize, and more organize! And guess what, it helps.

Lisa also never goes without her Mason Pearson brush (in case of emergencies), her pink Moleskine notebook which is used to jot down thoughts or ideas-on-the-fly, and her favorite kind of retractable pencils from Papermate.

Typically, when you ask someone “what’s Inside your Carrie-On,” it’s a lot of the same stuff (gum, magazines, headphones, books, etc), but Lisa has that stuff PLUS an efficient and functional way to pack and maximize your limited packing space.

This organization method of ‘bags-inside-bags’ may sound time-consuming at first, but let me tell you something, if you take the time (max 20 minutes) to organize before your trip it will SAVE you time during your trip.

I put this packing strategy into practice last weekend, and I guarantee it will make you feel like an efficient and organized travel pro.

Totally Flying With This

Since functional bags are her forte, we asked Lisa what her “Tote of Choice” is these days when flying, and she showed us one of the cutest and most practical travel bags we have seen; the white leather FLIGHT 001 bag depicted above.  This awesome bag can be used over the shoulder, or cross body as a messenger.

It is a large enough size to fit all your necessities (including a computer), along with not being too big or heavy. Love it!

Doesn’t That All Sound So Easy?

It is! Imagine It Done provides the best tips to their customers by simplifying and organizing things for you.

I love following her on Instagram (@Imagine.It.Done) because Lisa is constantly posting innovative, efficient, and good ideas for me to try- I am always learning from her!

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